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Holiday Gift Ideas

Posted by Nissa Jewelry on 22nd Dec 2014

Holiday Gift GuidesIt’s that time of year again! Holiday shopping can be daunting but we’ve put together some gift guides that should help you pick out the perfect gift for everyone you love!1. OPI “Take Ten Mini Kit”: We love these adorable mini nail polish bottles and they would make great stockin …

Holiday Inspiration!

Posted by nissa jewelry on 22nd Dec 2014

Need a Little Inspiration?It happens, sometimes we think we’ve run out of ideas for the holidays! What treats can we make? How can we make our home more festive? There’s not much time! Well, these ideas are meant to give you a little inspiration. Using your favorite chocolate cake mix, make a re …

Friday Faves: Autumn 2014

Posted by Nissa Jewelry on 7th Nov 2014

We can’t wait to leap back into fall! From warm sweaters to hot drinks to returning back to school, there really isn’t any room for disappointment! Here’s what we’re most excited for this fall: …

Which One's Witch?

Posted by Nissa Jewelry Stylist Team on 21st Oct 2014

Here at Nissa we have tons of jewelry that would go great with any outfit… especially if you’re looking to be a witch! But just “witch” jewelry would fit your outfit? Well, here are three ideas. Whether you’re going for a natural necromancer, a tough tantalizer, or a sweet sorceress, take a look …

Halloween Inspiration

Posted by nissa jewelry on 21st Oct 2014

Choosing the perfect Halloween costume is always a tough job—should you go scary? Funny? Cute? And then there’s the added pressure to think of something creative! We’ve decided to help you a little with some costume ideas inspired by some of our favorite pieces. Our first look is inspired by our Neh …

Fall in Love with this Season's Hair!

Posted by Nissa Jewelry on 17th Sep 2014

Going with the groove of chocolate this week, we figured that as the fall season rolls around, we would show you some chocolate-inspired hair colors that will look great with your skin tone. Seeing as how your summer tan has come to an end a change is needed, and it has to be done right! …