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Which One's Witch?

Posted by Nissa Jewelry Stylist Team on 20th Oct 2014

Here at Nissa we have tons of jewelry that would go great with any outfit… especially if you’re looking to be a witch! But just “witch” jewelry would fit your outfit? Well, here are three ideas. Whether you’re going for a natural necromancer, a tough tantalizer, or a sweet sorceress, take a look and you’re sure to find something!


Shown (left to right): Blackburn Necklace, Etticka Earring, Raw Amethyst Cluster Necklace, Ericka Earring


Shown (left to right): Brandolier Wrapped Necklace, Single Star Necklace, Wings Ring, Skull Wrap Bracelet


Shown (left to right): Lola Stud Earring, Camille Bracelet, Sheba Bib Necklace, Georgina Silk Stud Earring, Lola Triple Earring